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Welcome to the Online Geboorte Academie; a Dutch spoken online pregnancy course with English subtitles. Congratulations on your pregnancy! It is a fun but also an exciting period. Maybe you are pregnant for the first time and everything is new to you. Or you have given birth before and yet you don’t know exactly what to expect. Anyway you probably came to my website because you want to prepare for the birth. Perhaps you still doubt whether an online course would be for you. Read on and you’ll find out!

What others who choose the Online Geboorte Academie say:

“I want to prepare for birth, but I have little time.a

“My partner doesn’t want to join a course, but I think it’s important that he is aware too.”

“I’m on the train to work every day. Great opportunity to follow the online course of Adelina.”

“A group course with other couples does not suit us.”a

“I want to learn about giving birth in the Netherlands, but my Dutch is not good enough for a Dutch spoken live course.a

“I’ve given birth before. At that time I did an 8-week course. Now I don’t want to do that again.”a

“I cannot attend a course on the same day every week.”a

“I want to take a course that I can take another look at when it suits me.”a

“I’m already joining Centering Pregnancy at the midwife practice. So I would like to do a course that I can take from home.”a

Do the above quotes apply to you?

Then I have the ideal course for you! My course consists of 7 modules. There are different video lessons per module and in the end a number of nice bonuses. You get immediate access to all modules up to 8 weeks after your due date. You can watch the videos anytime, anywhere and as often as you want. All video’s are in Dutch and also contain valueble information about childbirth in the Netherlands. With each video you can click on the English subtitles. In addition, you can opt for an online question session with me personally through video calling, of course in English. Read on quick!

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Why do you choose the Online Geboorte Academie?

Because you want to follow a practical and down to earth course.

Because you want reliable infromation from an expert.

Because you want tips and tricks from an experienced expert.

Because you want to know what is going to happen in your body.

Because you want to take lessons anytime, anywhere it suits you.

Because you think it’s important to prepare for this life event.

Because you want to be able to ask me questions one on one (optional).


Here you can read how others experienced the Online Geboorte Academie.

I followed the Online Geboorte Academie because I needed more information about the pregnancy and especially the delivery. Now that I am pregnant with our first child, I notice how exciting it is and how many questions you can have. When I came across the Online Geboorte Academie, I was immediately enthusiastic about the fact that you can follow it anytime, anywhere online and that you get good information in a practical way from a professional and also an experience expert. I didn’t really see myself going to a pregnancy course and so I thought this was a nice solution. This way I could follow the videos from home during my maternity leave – perfect!

The Online Geboorte Academie has ensured that I was able to go through my pregnancy better prepared and informed and therefore also had more peace and confidence to face the birth. I found the content of the videos practical, clear and Adelina explains everything in a nice, calm way, which made me the calm too. Highly recommended!


have experienced the Online Geboorte Academie as very good and pleasant. The information is clear, short and concise and yet complete. Because I was not interested in the traditional pregnancy course, this was perfect for me.

Adelina’s voice is very pleasant to listen to, and the tranquility in the videos made it possible for me to concentrate on the information.

I can certainly recommend it to others if they would like to get their information about the pregnancy, the birth and the maternity period like this.


What do you learn at the Online Geboorte Academie?

I’ll tell you what you can expect in the final phase of pregnancy and what the most inconveniences are.

You’ll be introduced step by step to the different phases of childbirth.

You’ll get advices what to do when it starts.

You’ll learn when you need to call the midwife or hospital.

I’ll give you and your partner tips and tricks how to deal with the contractions.

I’ll introduce you to the different types of available pain relief.

I’ll tell you what you can expect from the pushing phase.

You’ll get tips and tricks for the first week with your baby.

Je leert wat de belangrijkste dingen zijn om te weten over borstvoeding en flesvoeding.

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What modules do you get and what do they teach you?

Module 1: 'Introduction'

In this module I introduce myself to you. I show who I am because I think it is important that you feel that you know me a little bit. So you can gain trust towards me and my course. I tell you about the structure and content of the course and the idea behind it. In this module I will also tell you more about the unique obstetric sytem that we have in the Netherlands.

Module 2: 'The home stretch'

In this module I will tell you what you can expect in the last phase of pregnancy. What are the most frequently asked questions during at the midwife practice in the last weeks? I will show you how your body may be preparing for the birth. But I also tell you how it works if you go overdue. Hopefully you won’t need that video anymore!

Module 3: 'Dilation

In this module I show you what happens in your body during the dilation. I give you various tips and tricks regarding positions during contractions and ways to cope with the pain. I tell you things about water breaking that you probably don’t know yet. After this module you and your partner know exactly when you should call the midwife or the hospital. It would be nice if it all works without pain relief. But sometimes pain relief is really needed and can therefore also be a valuable solution. I will introduce you to the options and the pros and cons.

Module 4: 'The birth'

Are you always allowed to push as soon as you are fully dilated? Or does this require more? I answer that question in this module. I will introduce you to the options that are available, when it doesn’t go as planned. I tell you about the birth of the placenta and why we think that the birth is not over if it is not yet born. In this module you will also learn what happens during the first moments after birth.

Module 5: 'What can you do?'

In this module I teach you the most important breathings that will help you focus on the delivery. Your partner will learn how he or she can massage you to let you relax if you need it. I also show your partner how valuable he or she can be. This sounds needless to say, but a partner often finds it hard to see that the woman is in pain and often feels helpless.

Module 6: 'The first week...and then?!'

In the case of a first pregnancy, ‘kraamzorg’ (maternity care) usually conducts an intake interview. That is why I am not telling you what she will be doing, but I am giving you a supplement to her story. I will tell you what you can expect from the other healthcare professionals in the first week after birth. I also let you think about how you see that first week, but also about the time after that. You are suddenly parents, you are no longer just the two of you. You have been looking forward to this for 9 months. Have you ever thought about what kind of partners you want to be when you become parents?

Module 7: 'Feeding'

In this module I will tell you the most important things you should know about breastfeeding. It is certainly not a full breastfeeding course. But I will tell you the highlights you need to know for the first week and my tips for afterwards. I do the same for bottle feeding. After this module you have an idea of what you can expect and how you can prepare yourself. It can also help you make the choice between breastfeeding and bottle feeding.


  • A concluding video from me
  • PDF My tips at a glance
  • PDF The birthplan
  • PDF When should you call?
  • PDF What do you prepare for a homebirth?
  • PDF What do you take to the hospital/birth center?

Yes, I would like to register for the Online Geboorte Academie >>

Who am I?

I’m Adelina. Married to Patrick. Mother of Faylinn (2013) and Yonah (2016). Former midwife. Business partner of my sister Amelia.

After 7 years as a first line midwife, I decided to leave my profession. I wanted to have my own business together with my sister. And that’s what I love to do. Together we are currently working on cool new plans that gives us lots of energy. What also gives me lots of energy is giving my one-day childbirth course (www.eendaagseegeboorteacademie.nl).

Information was a part of the profession that I have always enjoyed. That is why I was the one in our practice who always took the antenatal education evenings on me. Now that I am no longer practicing, my one-day childbirth course is the perfect way to use my knowledge and experience to perform one of my passions. Namely giving women the confidence that they can handle the birth. Give them confidence in their own body, in their partner and also in the health care professionals. And in a very practical and down to earth way, the only way that really suits me.

Since I give my one-day childbirth course, I only get compliments from my participants. This made me think about how I could help more women and couples. An online pregnancy course seemed perfect to me.

My online pregnancy course contains my knowledge and skills that I gained as a midwife. I regularly explain how I did this during my time as a midwife. I also take my personal story with me as an experience expert. I have had a hospital birth, but also a home birth. I have had pain relief, but I also gave birth once without pain relief. I have breastfed, but breastfeeding has also totally failed me.

Now I see the benefits of the “disadvantages” I have experienced. I can empathize with the different situations and give you a realistic picture of what you can expect. And when you are well prepared, you have a greater chance of looking back on the birth with a good feeling. And I sincerely wish you that! Be welcome in my Online Geboorte Academie!

Lieve groet,
Adelina van Gurp

I would like to contribute to society with the Online Geboorte Academie. Although I no longer practice as a midwife, I still feel connected to the profession in the Netherlands and to midwives all over the world. That is why I donate 5% of the profit of the Online Geboorte Academie to the Midwives4Mothers (M4M) foundation. This organization was established in 2010 by the Koninklijke Nederlandse Organisatie van Verloskundigen (KNOV = Royal Dutch Organization of Midwives).

‘The M4M foundation wants to draw attention to child and maternal mortality worldwide and to reduce it by optimizing birth care. That is why M4M encourages the exchange of midwifery expertise between the Netherlands and a (developing) country through the so-called twin2twin projects.

By entering into partnerships with sister organizations in other countries, M4M actively contributes to the Sustainable Development Goal 3.1: reducing child and mother mortality due to pregnancy or childbirth. Many lives of mothers and their babies can be saved if an obstetrician is present during delivery.

Midwives4Mothers is committed to making this professional help during delivery possible for as many women as possible anywhere in the world, by linking midwives on a reciprocal basis. The program creates a deep “twin” band. Midwives reinforce each other with knowledge and skills as well as friendship, in order to promote compassionate and safe care for women worldwide.’

Frequently Asked Questions

How reliable is the information in this course?

The information is based on my knowledge and experience that I gained as a first line midwife. In addition, all my videos are reviewed by midwives who are still practicing at the moment. You can therefore assume that it is very reliable and up-to-date.

Can I watch the videos on my cellphone or tablet?

Yes, that’s possible. Anytime, anywhere. On every device, as long as you have internet. The videos may play in better quality when you are connected to WiFi.

 When I’ve already watched a video, can my partner watch it again later?

The entire course will remain available for you until 8 weeks after your due date. You can watch everything as often as you like. 

Can I ask questions?

This is possible once during the online Q&A session when you have chosen this package. After you register for this package, I will contact you personally to plan the session. 

On which part of the day does the Q&A session take place?

Most of the time I’m quite flexible, so this can take place in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening. We will search together for a suitable weekday. 

Can I get reimbursement from my (Dutch) insurance?

I am no longer practicing, so I cannot guarantee this. You can check this with your insurer. Online participant Manon: “I did not get reimbursement, but it was more than worth it.”.

  How much time will this course cost me?

The 34 videos in this course varies from 1 to 17 minutes. In total, all videos together last exactly 2.5 hours. Of course you can watch the videos in a staggered way, so you decide for yourself how much time you spend on it.

Which trimester is the best to start with this online course?

This doesn’t matter at all. You will always get access to 8 weeks after your due date. All modules are immediately available as soon as you register. You can therefore also register when you are almost due.

Can I cancel after purchasing the course?

This is unfortunately not possible. I do make an exception in some situations, for example when the pregnancy goes wrong. Then contact me via the ‘Send me an email’ button below.